What are the key structures and functions of the Mitochondria?

Mitochondria (Mc) are present in all eukaryotic cells and are the major sites of aerobic respiration within cells. they were first seen as granules in muscle cells in 1850. The number of mitochondria per cell varies considerably and depends on the type of organism and nature of the cell. Historical background: 1850 – Kolliker – […]

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What are the branches of life sciences and their meanings?

The different branches of Life sciences are available. In that Biology is one of the branches. Biology can be divided into two main subjects: Botany (the study of plants) and Zoology (the study of animals), but this separation is not clear cut. Life sciences are the group of advanced biology. Taxonomy (Systematics) involves classification of […]

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What are the Cells of Immune System? (Basic Immune Cells)

Lymphocytes are the central cells of immune system, responsible for acquired immunity & the immunologic attributes of diversity, specificity, many and self/non-self recognition. It constitutes 20% to 40% of the body’s WBC and 99% of the cells in the lymph. The lymphocytes can be broadly subdivided into three populations – B-cells, T-cells, Null cells-on the […]

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