Animal Physiology

What is the Structure of Nephron and its Functions?

nephron structure and functions

Do you know the kidney structure in human body? The kidney is one of the Endocrine glands. It is making “Kinins”, secreting “Rennin“, and “erythropoietin”, forming “1,25-dihydroxy cholecalciferol”. Kidneys are made comprise many functional microscopic units called “Nephrons”. They perform excretory and homeostatic functions, which are 1.3 million nephrons in …

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What are the types of Muscles, Structure, and functions?

types of muscle and structure

The muscle is a contractile tissue. Muscle cells are specialized for contractile ability.  The characteristic property of muscular tissue is its ability to contract when excited. The property of conductivity is also well developed in muscular tissue through not to the degree as that of nervous tissue. This topic covers …

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Human Body Systems and Their Roles

human organ system

A human body system is a complex machine, made up of different systems. The various human body systems by their coordinate activities function in unison and work efficiently carrying out the vital body functions. Important human body systems 1. Digestive system: The digestive system helps in food digestion. The organs …

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