Hello CSIR UGC NET aspirants, This is the Model paper series for COMPULSORY paper – A from the CSIR Syllabus – PAPER – I (Part A). This is useful for all aspirants. Check your ability with this model paper series.

CSIR UGC NET Compulsory - Model Paper 1

Table of Contents

CSIR UGC NET Compulsory – Model Paper 1

1. Which of the following is responsible for the ozone hole?
A Methane (CH4)
B Chlorine
C Carbon dioxide (CO2)
D Nitric Oxide (NO)

2. Which of the following element is required for the production of thyroxin?
A Bromine
B Fluorine
C Iodine
D NaCl

3. If a certain place shows stable population distribution. It means a maximum number of individuals will be …
A Youngest
B Reproductively more active
C Healthy
D Oldest

4. Which of the following has the shortest gestation period
A Goat
B Buffalo
C Cow
D Camel

5. Which of the following is not possible in biological systems?
A DNA -> RNA -> Protein
B RNA -> DNA -> Protein
C Protein -> RNA -> DNA
D Glucose -> amino acid -> Protein

6. The period of isolation for chickenpox is
A. ten days after the appearance of the rash
B until all the scabs have fallen off
C not less than 2 weeks
D at least one week

7. Serum is
A. another name of Plasma
B. None of the above
C. Purified blood
D. Plasma without fibrinogen

8. Among the following which cell can be divided by binary fission…
B. Bone-marrow cell
C. Nerve cell
D. Muscle cell

9. Copper sulphate in presence of excess ammonia gives blue colour, the blue is due to
A. Ammonium Sulphate
B Cuperous ions
C Complex ligand formation
D Cupric ions

10. Brown ring test is a confirmatory test for which anionic species
A Nitrate
B Fluoride
C Chloride
D Bromide

11. Parts per billion can be represented as …
A μl/l
B μg/g
C μg/Kg
D ng/Kg

12. Which one is an egg-laying mammal
A Spiny anteater
B Scaly anteater
C Bat
D Whale

13. The mean salinity of sea 35 g per litre. The main cause of this observed salinity is…
A Crust erosion and surface runoff
B Evaporation and Rainfall
C Reverse drainage
D Photosynthesis

14. Salivary amylase acts most effectively in
A. An acidic solution
B. any state
C. An Alkaline Solution
D. A Neutral solution

15. The computer codes for decimal number 99 will be
A 1000011
B 1110111
C 011000111
D 1100011

16. What amount has to be taken from 11 N HCl to make 50 ml of 2N HCl
A 9.09 ml
B 11.0 ml
C 2.0 ml
D 6.03 ml

17. Zinc oxide is thermogenic, changing from white to yellow when heated to high temperatures. This colour change is caused due to
A Non – Stoichiometric property of metal
B Stoichiometric property of metal
C Burning of Oxygen
D Fluorescence at high temperature

18. The kidney function do not include
A. Osmoregulation
B. Excretion of nitrogenous waste
C. Excretion of toxic materials
D. Re-absorption of bile salts

19. High biological oxygen demand in water body indicates
A Pressure of heterotrophs
B High Photo autotroph
C Organic pollutant
D Chemical pollution

20. The fact that the night sky is dark shows that the universe
A. originated in the big bang
B. is infinite in extent
C. is infinitely old
D. is not infinitely old

21. Which statement is not correct for all mammals
A. Absence of segmentation
B. Absence of Scales
C. Presence of asexual reproduction
D. Absence of laying the egg

22. Blue colour of Sky is due to
A. Due to consumption of sunlight
B. Scattering only
C. Answer is not in the options
D. Crompton scattering

23. Temperature above which gas can not be liquified even by applying pressure is termed as …
A Critical temperature
B Charles temperature
C Boyle temperature
D Curie Temperature

24. Smog is due to…
A. increase in Carbon dioxide
B. Low temperature of earth surface
C. More moisture in the environment
D. Air pollution derived from smoke and vehicles

25.Core of the moon is
A. Viscous liquid
B. Plasma
C. Solid
D. Volatile gas

Explanation: Core moon is solid like earth’s core

26. Oxidation of copper occurs in

CuSO4 + Zn → ZnSO4 + Cu
Cu + AgNO3 → CuNO3 + Ag
Fe + CuSO4 → Fe2(SO4)3 +Cu
Cu + AuCl3 → 3 CuCl + Au

A. A and B
B. B and D
C. A and D
D. B and C

27. Earth is an active planet and have phenomena like volcano, earthquake and continental drift. The major source of energy for continental drift is.
A Moon gravity
B Radioactivity in the core of the earth
C Earth gravity
D Energy from sun

28. Which of the following is not a direct consequence of the greenhouse effect
A. Global warming
B. Rainfall
C. Tsunami
D. Increase in sea level

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