Hello CSIR UGC NET aspirants, This is the Model paper series for COMPULSORY paper – A from the CSIR Syllabus – PAPER – I (Part A). This is useful for all aspirants. Check your ability with this model paper series. This is Model Paper -2.

CSIR UGC NET Compulsory – Model Paper 2

CSIR UGC NET Compulsory – Model Paper 2

1. What is the full expansion of EPROM
A. Extended Permanent Read-only memory
B. Erasable programmable Read-only memory
C. None of the Given
D. Extensible Read-only memory

2. 18 Carrot Gold is
A. 80% Gold
B. 50% Gold
C. 75% Gold
D. 100% Gold

3. Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) is a measure of
A. The amount of dissolved oxygen required to oxide the organic matter present in the water by aerobic decomposers
B. The rate of anaerobic decomposition of organic matter
C. The rate of consumption of dissolved oxygen by aerobic decomposers for decomposing the organic matter in the water body
D. Amount of dissolved oxygen present in a water body

4. What is a URL?
A. Uniform Resource Locator
B. Under required Line
C. Universal Resource Liasion
D. None of the given

5. Phenol is used as
A None of the given
B an insecticide
C an antiseptic
D. a disinfectant

6. The most productive ecosystem in the biosphere is
A. tundra
B. open ocean
C. estuary
D. desert

7. Carnalite is the ore of
A. Zinc
B. Sodium
C. Potassium
D. Calcium

8. Carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere:
A. absorbs and re-radiates some of the longer wavelength infra-red radiation that otherwise would be transmitted back into space from the surface of the earth
B. merely gives life to plants
C. helps in stopping the sun’s radiation reaching the earth’s surface
D. works only as insulator protecting the earth from cooling

9. Which part of the camera is analog to the Retina in the human eye
A Lens
B. Films
C Shutter
D Aperture

10. Nylon is a polymer of
A. Polyamide
B Isoprene
C Propane
D Neoprene

11. CDMA works on the basis of
A None of the above
B. Packet switch
C Circuit switch
D Pear to pear network

12. If a machine is lubricated with oil
A its efficiency increases, but its mechanical advantage decreases
B the mechanical efficiency of the machine increases
C. both its mechanical advantage and efficiency increase
D the mechanical advantage of the machine increases

13. Risk of spoilage is less salted pickles as it cause
A. Plasmolysis
B Guttation
C Imbibition
D Diffusion

14. DNA duplication occurs in
A Mitosis only
B. Meiosis-I and Mitosis
C Meiosis-II and mitosis
D Meiosis only

15. A classical example of utilization of biodiversity in the green revolution is
A Cryopreservation of germplasm
B photo-period insensitivity
C use of frozen gamete
D. in-vitro regeneration of somatic hybrids

16. Fazenda are
A ‘Tea’ Plantation in srilanka
B Banana garden in Guetamala
C. Coffee Plantation in Brazil
D Rubber Plantation in Malaysia

17. Urea is transported through
B. All of the given
D Blood plasma

18. Which is the hot-spot for biodiversity in India
A. Central India
B Eastern ghats
C western ghats
D Upper Gangetic plain

19. The yellow colour of Urine is due to the presence of
A Serum
B Wucherria
C. Urochrome
D Clostridium

20. Vitamin C is not found in
A Strawberry
B Apricot
C Apples
D. Date

21. The colour of the outer edge of the rainbow will be
A Purple
B Violet
C Yellow
D. Red

22. Modem converts
A Analog to Digital
B Digital to Analog
C. Converts Digital to Analog and vice versa
D No importance

23. The artificial rain, the seeding is done through
A Sulphar iodide
B Mercurous Chloride
C Graphite
D. Silver iodide

24. Hydrogenation is …
A Vegetable ghee converted into cooking oil
B No Correct answer here
C. Conversion of cooking oil into vegetable ghee
D Adding electrolyte to the solution

25. The outermost layer of cells secrets continuous waxy layer
A Stomata
B Evgot
C Bud
D. Cuticle

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