Hello CSIR UGC NET aspirants, This is the Model paper series for COMPULSORY paper – A from the CSIR Syllabus – PAPER – I (Part A). This is useful for all aspirants. Check your ability with this model paper series. This is Model Paper 3.

CSIR UGC NET Compulsory – Model Paper 3

CSIR UGC NET Compulsory – Model Paper 3

1. Find the odd man out
a Lemon grass
B Wheat
C Lilly
D. Rose

2. Rusting occurs best by
A Pond water
B. Sea Water
C River water
D Glacier water

3. Which one of the following compounds is used as a sedative?
A Calcium chloride
B Phospharous trichloride
C Ethyl alcohol
D. Potassium bromide

4. Who among the following was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology for the year 2014?
A Beutler and Jules A. Hoffmann
B James E. Rothman, Randy W. Schekman and Thomas
C Südhof
D John O’Keefe, May-Britt Moser and Edvard I. Moser
E James E. Rothman, Randy W. Schekman and Thomas

5. Fire by electricity can be extinguished by
A Water
B Foam
C Halogenated hydrocarbon
D. CCl4

6. Weathering effects is most slow is
A Marble
B Concrete
C. Granite
D Iron

7. Bhopal tragedy of 1984 took place because “Methyl isocyanate” reacted with
A. Water
D Ammonia

8. Application programs that use the computer to solve
A all problems
B. Specific problems
C None of the given
D all ordinary and typical problems

9. Which os the following is not in the inner ear?
A Semicircular canals
B Sacculus
C Cochlea
D. Eustachian tube

10. The best conductor of electricity is
A. distilled water
B filter water at room temperature
C salt water
D filter water

11. Pace-maker is given to patient suffering from
A Lungs Problem
B Brain Problems
C Kidney Problems
D. Heart Problems

12. Which chemical is used in making matches
A Blue Phosphate

C Potassium oxalate
D. Red Phosphate

13. LCD stands for
A. Liquid Crystal Display
B Liquid Crystal Developer
C Length Computer Display
D Local Connection Diaphragm

14. The small rivers that flow into a large river are known as
A Feeders
B. Tributaries
C Gullies
D Rivulets

15. A computer has 8 bits and works on binary system. Maximum characters that can be accommodated will be
A. 256

B 128
C 255
D 64

16. Isotopes are generally separated by
A Sublimation
B. distillation
C crystallization
D fractional distillation

17. The stars which show varying degree of luminosity are called
A Luminous stars
B Double star
C Cepheid stars
D. Binary star

18. The sodium compound used in fire extinguishers
A Na3PO4
B Na2CO3
C NaCl

19. Latitude pf a place is determined by
A Establishing the meridian of a place
B Clinometer
C. Gnomon
D Dividing the circumference by angular distance

20. “Energy currency” is the term used for
B Respiration
C Mitochondria

21. Who is the female noble prize winner in 2014
A. May-Britt Moser
B Linda B. Buck
C Gertrude B. Elion
D Barbara McClintock

22. In biology, a change which occurs suddenly and which will be inherited later is known as
A Linkage
B Crossing over
C. Mutation
D Hybridization

23. Which one is insecticides
A Gammexane
B. D.D.T. and Gammexane
C Urea

24. Smallest genome is that of
A E.Coli
B Yeast
C Palsmodium
D. SV 40 Virus

25. German silver is an alloy of
A Zn, Cu
B Cu, Ni
C Zn, Ni
D. Zn, Cu, Ni

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