Hello CSIR UGC NET aspirants, This is the Model paper series for COMPULSORY paper – A from the CSIR syllabus – PAPER – I (Part A). This is useful for all aspirants. Check your ability with this model paper series. This is General information MCQ on Physics part 1.

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physics MCQ

General Information MCQ – Physics Part 1

1. If the speed of the rotation of the earth increases the weight of a body
A will have no change
B. will decrease
C will increase or decrease, depending on its materials
D will increase

2. A centrifuge works on the principle of
A. heavier particles tend to gather around the origin
B. heavier particles tend to move away from the centre of the circle
C. lighter particles tend to gather on the axis of rotation
D. Lighter particles tend to gather on outermost

3. An Astronomical unit if distance is …
A. Light Year
B Kilometre
C The average distance from the earth to the sun
D None of the above

4. The weight of the body is …
A. Minimum at the equator
B The same everywhere
C minimum at the poles
D Maximum at the equator

5. Which of the following does not spin and revolve simultaneously?
A. A tennis ball moving with a spin
B. The blades of Fan
C. The Wheels of a moving motor car
D. The earth

6. A bullet is fired at a certain angle with a constant speed. For this particle, which statement given below is true?
A. A Vertical line
B. A Straight line
C. A Parabola
D. Elliptical

7. According to the general conference on weights and measures, the unit of length is…
A. an inch
B. a kilometre
C. a centimetre
D. a meter

8. A Particle is moving on a circle at a constant speed. For this particle, which statement given below is true?
A. It has a constant velocity
B. It has an acceleration acting towards the centre
C. Its acceleration is a constant vector
D. It has no acceleration

9. Chronometer is an instrument to measure…
A. Electric Potential
B. distance between two points
C. Time
D. Heat

10. When the velocity of a moving object is doubled its…
A. Momentum gets doubled
B. Acceleration gets doubled
C. Potential energy gets doubled
D. Kinetic energy gets doubled

11. What is the minimum velocity required for a rocket to overcome earth’s gravity and travel into space?
A. 11.2 km/s
B. 35 km/s
C. 18 km/s
D. 21 km/s

12. The motion of the pendulum of a wall clock is an example of …
A. Vibratory motion
B. None of the options here
C. Linear motion
D. Rotationary motion

13. In the case of bodies falling under gravity, which of the following remains constant at a given place?
A. All the given options are correct
B. Acceleration
C. Kinetic energy
D. Potential energy

14. Which of the following statement is true?
A. Vector quantities have both direction and magnitude
B. Displacement, velocity and acceleration are all vector quantities
C. Scalar quantities have magnitude only and no direction
D. All the given options are True

15. A hunter on the ground wishes to shoot a bird on a tree at a distance with his rifle. He has to point the rifle
A Vertically upwards
B. at a higher elevation than the bird
C in the same direction as the bird
D at a lower elevation than the bird

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