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Microbial Physiology: Yields of Microbes

Microorganisms are generally found in nature (air, soil, and water) as mixed populations. Even the diseased pans of plants and animals contain a great number of microorganisms, which differ markedly from the microorganisms of other environments. This is the basic guide on microbial physiology. To study the specific role played by a specific microorganism in its […]

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Bacterial Cell: Structure and its Composition

Bacteriology is the study of bacteria. Bacteria are minute, microscopic, simple, unicellular prokaryotic organisms occurring as saprophytes and parasites on a wide range of habitats. Structurally a bacteria cell consists of three categories of structurally namely, Structures of External side of the cell wall. Cell wall Structures of Internal side of the cell wall Bacterial […]

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Bacterial Stress Response

The bacterial stress response enables bacteria to survive adverse and fluctuating conditions in their immediate surroundings. Various bacterial mechanisms recognize different environmental changes and mount an appropriate response. A bacterial cell can react simultaneously to a wide variety of stresses and the various stress response systems interact with each other by a complex of global […]

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