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What is microRNA? Special class Post-Transcriptional Regulators

What are microRNAs? MicroRNA is a class of post-transcriptional regulators. They are short ~22 nucleotide RNA sequences that bind to complementary sequences in the 3’ UTR of multiple target mRNAs, usually resulting in their silencing. MicroRNAs target ~60% of all genes, are abundantly present in all human cells and are able to repress hundreds of […]

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What are the Enzymes involved in DNA Replication?

A fundamental property of living organisms is their ability to reproduce. Bacteria and fungi can divide to produce daughter cells that are identical to the parental cells. Sexually reproducing organisms produce offspring that are similar to themselves. This article covers Enzymes involved in DNA Replication.  On a cellular level, this reproduction occurs by mitosis, the process […]

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What is DNA Polymerase and its function in DNA Replication

The first postulate the central dogma, experimentally proved and is that the DNA is capable of self-replication. This was immediately deduced by Watson and Crick that each DNA strand uniquely specifies its complement, but it took longer for the details of the mechanism are elucidated. The first question was that of conservation of replication mechanism. The now […]

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