The Organic Evolutionary theories explain convincing the origin of life. It also explains how a wide variety of plants and animals came into existence in the world. According to this theory, the world has been evolved and not been created.

The theories of evolution is explained in 4 types. They are

  1. Theory of inheritance of acquired characters (Lamarckism)
  2. Theory of natural selection (Darwinism)
  3. Modern synthetic theory of evolution,
  4. Weismanner’s germ plasma theory,
  5. Hugo DeVries “mutation theory”

Organic Evolutionary Theories MCQ

organic evolutionary theories MCQ
organic evolutionary theories MCQ

1. The property of micro-spheres is/are

  • It possesses yeast like a vegetative reproductive process
  • It is membranous
  • It contracts when placed in salt solution
  • All of the given options are correct

2. After a weak of experiment of Stanley Miller, one of the following groups was obtained…

  • Glycine and Alanine
  • Glutaric acid and Aspartate
  • alpha-amino butyric acid and beta-alanine
  • All of the given

3. Who proposed the “Theory of Inheritance of Acquired Characters”

  • Lamarck
  • Lois Pasteur
  • Darwin
  • Weismann

4. In the present time CO2 and nitrogen have replaced…

  • Hydrogen
  • Ammonia
  • Methane
  • Both Methane and Ammonia

5. Who told that earth was originated by the condensation of rotating nebula of gas?

  • Nicolaus Koppernigk
  • Immanuel Kant
  • Laplace
  • Spallanzani

6. The first cell formed in respect of origin of life was..

  • Prokaryotes
  • In both Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes
  • None of the given
  • Eukaryotes

7. Formic acids and oxalic acids were formed by Melvin Calvin in the context of origin of life with the help of

  • CO2 and Methane
  • CO2 and Water vapors
  • Water vapors and Ammonia
  • Irradiation of the mixture of CO2 and Water vapor with the help of Cyclotron

8. The meaning of Evolution was written by

  • Sydney F.Fox
  • Sympson
  • S.Wright
  • Weismann

9. According to the Modern hypothesis of biological evolution of origin of life, life occurred on this earth about

  • 4.5 billion years ago
  • 3.5 billion years ago
  • 5.5 billion years ago
  • 1.25 billion years ago

10. Major reason for evolution for diversity in immune system is …

  • Natural mutations
  • Direct Evolution
  • Natural Selection
  • Co-Evolution

11. Who proposed the Heliocentric Theory of Origin of Earth?

  • Sydney F.Fox
  • Laplace
  • Immanuel Kant
  • Comet De Buffon

12. Who for the first time used the word “Evolution”?

  • Spallanzani
  • Lamarck
  • Sponser
  • Darwin

13. Mutation is caused due to …

  • None of the given
  • Irregular distribution of genes
  • Changing environmental conditions
  • Chemical changes in genes

14. The mid-products of Stanley Miller’s reaction was / were…

  • Ketones
  • Aldehydes and HCH
  • Alcohols
  • All of the given

15. Lamarckism is conveniently known as

  • Use and disuse of organisms
  • Natural selection
  • Germplasm theory
  • Mutation theory

16. The author of the book “Processes of Organic evolution” is written by…

  • A.I.Oparin
  • J.B.S.Haldane
  • G.L.Stebbins
  • Weismann

17. According to Neo-Darwinism which one of the following is responsible for organic evolution?

  • Mutation and Natural selection
  • Hybridization
  • Mutation
  • Beneficial differentiations

18. The main factor of evolution is…

  • Acquired characters
  • Sexual reproduction
  • Natural selection
  • Mutation

19. Who is the author of the book “Origin of Life”?

  • Muller
  • Oparin
  • Pasteur
  • Urey

20. The oldest fossil belongs to which of the following group of plants / animals ?

  • Rhodophyceae
  • Asteroidea
  • Phaeophyceae
  • Blue-green algae

21. “Life Existing from pre-existing life” whose statement is this after performing a convenient experiment?

  • Thales
  • Redi
  • Anaximende
  • Both Thales and Anaximende

22. Who proposed for the first time the “Germplasm theory”?

  • Leeuwenhock
  • Spallanzani
  • Weismann
  • A.I.Oparin

23. The development of a living organism from embryo stage to an adult stage is called..

  • Embryology
  • Phylogeny
  • Paleobiology
  • Ontogeny

24. Oparin and Haldane Proposed that origin of life could take place in three steps. Which one of the following steps is not thought by them?

  • Primitive Earth
  • Biological (or) Organic Evolution
  • Chemical Evolution
  • Nebula formula

25. For explaining the betterment of origin of life who coined the term “protobiont”?

  • Oparin
  • Miller
  • Urey
  • Spallanzani
Theories of Organic Evolution (Complete Notes)

Theories of Organic Evolution Notes

Inorganic evolution, there are Different theories of evolution. But Five theories are accepted universally. The theories are explained in this post.

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