Chloroplast: Natural Kitchen Rooms of Nature

Chloroplast Organelle in green plants

The chloroplast is the green plastid in land plants, algae, and some protists. Chloroplasts are found in all green plans and in some blue green algae. As the site in the cell where photosynthesis takes place, chloroplasts are responsible for much of the world’s primary productivity, making chloroplasts essential to …

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Hydrogen Bonding – Types and its Nature

hydrogen bonding structure

A hydrogen bonding is a special type of dipole-dipole attraction which occurs when a hydrogen atom bonded to a strongly electronegative atom exists in the vicinity of another electronegative atom with a lone pair of electrons. These bonds are generally stronger than ordinary dipole-dipole and dispersion forces, but weaker than …

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What is microRNA? Special class Post-Transcriptional Regulators


What are microRNAs? MicroRNA is a class of post-transcriptional regulators. They are short ~22 nucleotide RNA sequences that bind to complementary sequences in the 3’ UTR of multiple target mRNAs, usually resulting in their silencing. MicroRNAs target ~60% of all genes, are abundantly present in all human cells, and are …

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