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What are the branches of life sciences and their meanings?

The different branches of Life sciences are available. In that Biology is one of the branches. Biology can be divided into two main subjects: Botany (the study of plants) and Zoology (the study of animals), but this separation is not clear cut. Life sciences are the group of advanced biology. Taxonomy (Systematics) involves classification of […]

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Branches of Biology: What are the Branches of Biology

What are the Branches of Biology? This topic covered on biology branches with description. Helpful QuickTime reviews for competitive examinations. What is Biology? How Many Types of Biology? The study of a┬áliving world is a special endeavour of humans. Humans are biological beings and are little different from other living organisms. Although several animals have […]

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Structure of Atoms and Molecules (Basic Chemistry)

Most of the Universe consists of matter and energy. Energy is the capacity to do work. The matter has mass and occupies space. All matter is composed of basic elements that cannot be broken down into substances with different chemical or physical properties. Elements are substances consisting of one type of atom, for example, Carbon […]

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