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What is Lac Operon? How it Regulates Gene Expression in Prokaryotes

What is Gene Expression?¬†What is Lac Operon?¬†Definition of Gene Regulation is “the control of gene regulation and expression is very well understood in prokaryotes. The switching on and off of the gene to regulate the synthesis of various proteins (the enzymes, for example) is essential. The fluctuation in the immediate environment of the organism is […]

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Cap Structure in mRNA: Basics and Structure

Cap structure in mRNA (Guanyl cap) is a chemical modification of mRNA molecules in eukaryotes, which drastically increases the stability of RNA and important for the transport of the RNA out of the nucleus into the cytoplasm and the subsequent translation of mRNAs by the ribosomes. RNA Polymerase: The Enzyme Structure and Its Types Deoxyribonucleic […]

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What is Mendelian Law and Mendelism?

The contribution of Mendel to genetics is called Mendelism. Mendel is called the Father of Genetics. He was born in a peasant family in 1822 in Austria. In 1843, he entered the monastery at Brunn and in 1847 he was ordained as a Priest. After completing the theological studies, he worked as a substitute teacher […]

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